Technology Unsalted!

The Grand Traverse Bay Area has become the technology hub for Northern Michigan. And we have both the data and the videos to prove it!

Earlier this year, I completed a research and science communications project for the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce ( and their economic development group, Venture North. I found literally hundreds of advanced manufacturing and technology companies. Lots of them are leaders in their fields, with patents and copyrights on logistics systems, laser technologies, precision machine tools, database designs, and lots more.versus_technology_demo_300high

I loved working on this project. Building the website content and interviewing our region’s technology leaders and young entrepreneurs was both enlightening and fun. Their personal stories of challenge and success are simply inspiring. If you’re interested in learning more about Technology Unsalted, take a look at:

And I send out my special thanks to those great people who have shared their personal experiences for my Technology Unsalted interviewstrantek_welders_300high_2, including:

  • Dale Westerman, RJG, Inc.
  • Jeff Pattison, TranTek Automation
  • Fernando Meza, OneUpWeb
  • H.T. Snowday, Versus Technology
  • Jay Mueller, MacUpdate
  • Craig Tremp, Tellurex
  • Marty Lagina, Heritage Sustainable Systems
  • Janese Horton, OneUpWeb
  • Xiomara Cordoba, Heritage Sustainable Systems
  • Kevin Lizenby, TranTek
  • Michael Kent, MacUpdate
  • Marta Trimble, MacUpdate
  • Bonnie Deigh, Versus Technology
  • Maureen Berger, Electro-Optics Technology
  • Elaina Dodds, OneUpWeb