kayakAs an independent consultant, I offer a variety of services to individuals and organizations who want:

  • accurate and effective communications,
  • successful program development, and
  • meaningful inter-organizational cooperation.

My personal and professional objectives focus on helping people build more sustainable and resilient communities. That can be in the form of communicating personal or organizational narratives, creating or revising educational projects and programs, facilitating cooperative discussions, or developing effective strategic plans.

Writing & Editing – With an academic and professional background in creative, technical and journalistic writing, I can offer assistance in the development of effective narratives, direct support in writing news releases and project reports, and more extensive editorial assistance.

Facilitation & Strategic Planning – Sometimes you need more than a flip-chart and sticky dots. Effective management of group dynamics occasionally requires an outside expert to guide and manage the flow. With a patient and calming approach, I can help groups sort out their shared interests to find common ground and a way forward.

Program Development & Grants –For nonprofit organizations and local governments, research and planning is essential to successful program design. From accurately identifying at-risk populations and articulating the desired program outcomes to assessing organizational capacity and devising effective interventions, successful program development requires appropriate research, collaboration and solid communication skills.

Multimedia Journalism – With experience in radio, video and text-based journalism, I am looking for opportunities to develop narratives that contribute to public understanding of cultural and natural resource systems. Perhaps we can work together to discover and reflect human experiences in building more resilient communities.